Title: Assemblage of Twins 
Location: Las Vegas
Date: 2008 
Award: James Templeton Kelley Prize / Harvard GSD
Project Type: Multi-Family Residential

Assemblage of Twins seeks to tie the vagaries of the market to a formal architectural proposal. In the real estate economy of suburban Las Vegas, prices are based on square footage, number of bedrooms, variety of amenities, material finishes, and levels of privacy. These buyer’s criteria or variables were tracked, redrawn, and used as the basis for a formal investigation.

The proposed housing tower is a critique of the Las Vegas condominium tower, which tends to be either a modernist housing bar or a twinned tower scheme. Variations of nested programmatic elements achieve a different sort of twinning through multiple scales and engagements: units as twins, interiorized twinning, and twins within the larger setting of landscape. Ultimately, this architecture and landscape of performance domesticates the individual within the collective community.