Best Sandwiches

Title: Best Sandwiches
Location: Boston, pinkcomma gallery
Date: 2016 (600ft2) 
Publication: Architect Magazine, Next Progressives
Project Type: Exhibition

Borrowing from past and recent history’s best practices for assembling sandwich architecture, Best Sandwiches is a design and research project in search of novel spatial stacks. Awkward middle levels are piled up and squeezed together resulting in messy figures between two slices of architectural bread. Extrusion is not entirely off-limits, but used sparingly.

The nine sandwiches on display present a close reading of several classic sandwich types: the grilled cheese, the BLT, the hamburger, the Dagwood, and the submarine, to name a few. Color and the deployment of many types of apertures are intentional. They promote the legibility of repeating layers found in a high-stack Dagwood sandwich or suggest the vaguely familiar melting cheddar found in a grilled cheese sandwich. Color is a necessity for reading Best Sandwiches.


Project team: Jennifer Bonner, Justin Jiang and John Going
Production assistants: Steven Meyer 
Photography: Adam DeTour
Rendering: Kenneth Robin